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Recipe for a Romantic Weekend in Wrightsville Beach

Rich young couple in love on sailboat kissing at sunset

Wrightsville Beach is definitely Wilmington‘s most romantic spot. With the ocean breeze, the gentle lapping of the waves, and the calming scenery, it’s a good place to enjoy some quality time with your loved one.

Here are five things to do that will make a romantic weekend in Wrightsville Beach. Don’t forget to bring food and refreshments.

  1. Bond over a plethora of water activities.

    Since you’re already in Wrightsville Beach, your date should include a couple of water activities. Bask under the sun, swim with your date, or spend a relaxing morning or afternoon in a kayak or canoe and explore the coastline in the process.

    There is a string of canoe and kayak rentals located along Wrightsville Beach such as Surfberry, Wrightsville Kayak Company, Wrightsville SUP, and South End Surf Shop.

  2. Go sailing along the coast.

    Want to level up from simple canoes and kayaks? How about chartering a private boat for a romantic date? Pack beach and ocean essentials, as well as some chilled beverages, food, and perhaps chocolate to elevate the experience.

    You can charter a private boat from any one of the numerous boat rentals located on site. Sea Gate Boating comes highly recommended? they offer all sorts of boat rental services, from standard ones to luxury cruises and overnight trips.

    Alternatively, you can take your significant other on a scenic tour of Wrightsville Beach and beyond. Tour outfitters in the area include Wrightsville Beach Scenic Tours.

  3. Dine at a romantic waterfront restaurant.

    The best way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. So, it only makes sense to go on a date in one of Wrightsville Beach’s waterfront restaurant. There are myriad options, each offering different cuisines to satisfy different cravings.

    Some of the favorite restaurants in Wrightsville Beach include South Beach Grill, Bluewater Grill, EAST Oceanfront, Tower 7, and Oceanic.

  4. Take a tour of Wrightsville Beach’s top filming locations.

    Wrightsville Beach is so scenic and beautiful to the point that its beauty is immortalized in the big screen. If you and your partner are avid movie buffs, visiting some of the filming locations in the area should be included in your date’s itinerary.

    There’s Dockside Restaurant and Bar, where a part of Nicholas Spark’s “The Choice” was filmed. Love Dawson’s Creek? Visit Crystal Pier? you might recognize it from the hit TV show’s opening credits.

  5. Watch the sun set at Wrightsville Beach.

    Cap off an eventful date at Wrightsville Beach by watching the sunset. Pick a spot, either on the beach or on Crystal Pier, and watch the sky turn from vivid sky blue to shades of purple, pink, and orange. And then, watch the first stars of the evening come out before taking your date on a lovely dinner.

    Another idea: instead of watching the sunset, begin your date by watching the sun rise over the horizon instead. It can set the whole tone for the rest of the day.

Wrightsville Beach is just one of Wilmington‘s best attractions. Learn more about this idyllic coastal community from Thirty4 North Properties Group. Contact the team today at 910-821-3510 or info@Thirty4North.com.