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University Area, Wilmington, NC

Nestled in the heart of Wilmington, NC is a district known as the University Area. As its name implies, this is the collection of neighborhoods surrounding the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW) campus and its various facilities.

Transportation to and from the area is made convenient by College Road’s access to the Interstate 40, roughly 5 minutes north of the university campus.

Residents can also use the Gary Shell Cross City Trail, a 15-mile off-road walking and biking trail that connects to Wilmington’s various recreational and cultural destinations.

Real estate options in Wilmington, NC’s University Area

Wilmington’s University Area showcases a fine selection of ranch-style, mid-century brick homes in well-established neighborhoods as well as a sprinkling of Tidewater-style houses a few minutes from the coast. In general, the neighborhoods here are walkable, close to the beach, and boast streets lined with towering pines and live oaks.

Some of the best condos, apartments, and townhomes for sale in Wilmington, NC can also be found in this district, making it a great choice for buyers who don’t need the space of a single-family home.

Find the neighborhood that suits you

Each University Area neighborhood has its own distinct charm and character. Home buyers have an array of locations and lifestyle options to choose from.

Stand-out neighborhoods here include:

  • Autumn Hall
    Beautiful custom homes with deep porches surrounded by natural preservation areas and scenic gardens.
  • College Acres
    1960s to 1980s brick homes within biking and walking distance to Wrightsville Beach.
  • Carleton Place
    A sprawling townhome neighborhood conveniently located right next to the UNCW campus and near several shopping centers.
  • Headwater Cove Lane
    A cozy loop of single-family homes with access to the community dock on nearby Bradley Creek.
  • Kensington Place
    A great place to find traditional, brick houses, with beautiful natural shade provided by mature oak trees.

A genuine youthful vibe

The University Area features all the best qualities of a college town. The place is generally peaceful, has a population composed mainly of students, educators, and young professionals, and boasts a booming retail and dining scene. It brims with the vibrant energy you can expect from such a youthful crowd.

The area’s proximity to North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast beaches – approximately 15 minutes away by car, a half-hour by bike – enhances the community’s fun and lively spirit.

Dining and shopping destinations all around

Designed to cater to the needs and interests of the college crowd, the University Area is notable for its exceptional shopping and dining scene. A drive, walk, or bike ride along College Road or Racine Drive is sure to reveal a great find such as hometown favorite eateries like the Blue Surf Café and JohnnyLukes KitchenBar.

For your shopping needs, retail centers such as the University Commons, New Centre Market, Independence Mall, and University Centre are all within easy reach.

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